Presidential Early-Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

The Presidential Early-Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) is the highest honor given by the U.S. government to outstanding scientists and engineers who are beginning their independent research careers and who show exceptional promise for leadership in science and technology.


On a roll…

The splicing factor U2AF1 contributes to cancer progression through a noncanonical role in translation regulation.

Lab co-author: Katie Lindblad

Molecular Measurable Residual Disease Testing of Blood During AML Cytotoxic Therapy for Early Prediction of Clinical Response.

Lab first author:  Hong Yuen 

Lab co-authors: Katie Lindblad, Sheenu, Greg, Meg, Matt, Nestor, Jingrong, Julie, Blair, Laura and Katie Lai.

MDS-associated mutations in germline GATA2 mutated patients with hematologic manifestations.

Lab Co-authors:  Hong Yuen, Jingrong, Matt.

Refining AML outcome prediction.


With more to come soon….

Human bone marrow by scRNA-seq, CyTOF and Flow

Our first pre-print!  Congratulations to Kary Oetjen and rest of lab on what we hope will be a useful reference dataset – deep assessment of human bone marrow from twenty healthy human donors aged 24-84 by paired single-cell RNA-sequencing and multi-parameter 13-color flow cytometry (with mass cytometry as orthogonal validation of T and NK immunophenotype).  Due-diligence benchmarking prior to our use of this technology on clinical trial samples shows great opportunity for proteogenomics/CITE-Seq/REAP-seq/Ab-Seq to help better resolve T and NK cell populations.  Uploading dataset now – enjoy!



Four generations of Hourigan Lab postbacs!

27th July 2018

An unexpected pleasure of the lab leaving party was having four generations of lab postbacs all in one place!

In order, from left to right:

Jack Ghannam 2018-Present

Katie Lindblad 2016-2018  (now PhD student, Mt. Sinai)

Matt Mulé 2014-2016  (now MD-PhD student, UNC and OxCam)

Meg Goswami 2012-2014  (now PhD student, GW-NIH)

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